All (existing photos of) exhibitions prior to 2015 are found in the respective time frame/years they were shown, I've decided to start them in a separate column instead, feeling that this way it is easier for interested people.


Summary of Shows:

"Redfish Grill" in Nelson, B.C. -  solo show in 2009

"Kocomos" in Grand Forks, B.C. - solo show April-Sep.2011

"Kocomos" solo show - Fall 2012 - Sep.2014

"Kocomos" 5 pieces - Jan.-July 2015

"Women's Centre" in GF - ongoing 2014-2018

"Gallery2" in Grand Forks B.C. - 1st show (West Wing-18 pieces) - Aug.20 - Nov.14, 2015

"Lotus Seed Restaurant", Vancouver B.C. -  April 20/2016-2018

"Bandidas Taqueria" - Vancouver, B.C. (40 pieces)- Oct.4/16 - Jan.15/2017

"Rest Assured" in Castlegar, B.C. - since Sep. 2017

"Roots" in Castlegar, B.C. - since May 2018 (8)

"Kootenay Co-op Café", Nelson, B.C. - Aug.1-Sep.29 - 2018 (30)

"The Enlightened Coconut", Nelson, B.C. - Oct.2018 (16)



You can also follow progress/time-lapse/video clips of me painting on Instagram:


The presentation called "An Artist's Portrait" I gave at the Grand Forks Public Library in May 2014 is now on U-Tube, in two separate videos ( Part 1 deals with the artistic stuff I did before I started painting in oils, and Part 2 is all about my paintings. This presentation was also given at Opus Art Supplies in May 2017.


There is also a short video (under 3 min.) done in summer of 2014 on U-Tube (, it was done as a promo video for my art.... please have a peek and let me know what you think!

is a 7 minute video clip of me painting "Fractal Snapshot I" from March 2014.

is a short clip posted Jan.2011 about my painting called "Cathedral".

is another short clip (2+ min.) I posted on Jan.2011 about "Fabric of Life, part 1".

is the second clip for that same painting at a later stage (2 min.)

a wee 2+ minute clip of me painting highlights on "Fractal Curl", done in Feb.2017